Evolution demands adaptation.

Unlock access to top talent with the industry’s most innovative talent acquisition engine.

Rising from the outdated methods of traditional staffing, Asymmetric Talent Solutions is a modern-day headhunting firm with a traditional work ethic. We are proud to redefine the boundaries of headhunting through our sophisticated and progressive approach.

Our data-driven headhunting solution produces undeniable results. Paired with our expert craft and consultative nature, we extend complete transparency to the evidence behind every search empowering our clients to make educated and confident decisions when acquiring talent.

Our services are effective, authentic, and bestow the hiring experience both candidates and companies alike expect and rightfully deserve.

Join us as we lead the way in setting new benchmarks for success and offer unmatched results for our valued clients.

We have a deep passion for what we do and who we represent.

We are Asymmetric.






The Asymmetric Talent Difference

IT Industry Specialists

>15 years of industry experience

>500 companies satisfied

>1,000 searches completed

>150,000 candidates screened


Our Approach

Client Discovery
There is no comparison to our qualification process. With extreme thoroughness and accurate articulation, we architect a comprehensive description that leaves no question upon review. We provide professional brand representation and paint the most detailed picture of the role at hand, enabling qualified talent to envision their transition before ever speaking with our team. This process sets up our search for success and commands industry-leading candidate response rates.

Our Unmatched Talent Finding Ability
Our ultramodern talent sourcing & engagement tactics produce:

More Talent: We identify and engage with 8-10x more qualified talent compared to the industry average.
Increased Reach: We connect with 5x more than the average volume of qualified talent.
Our Promise: With the nature of our traditional work ethic, we keep things simple. We consult with honesty and directness. We simply do what we say we’re going to do, and we offer nothing but our best work and stand behind it.


Our Process

Efficient – Our process pairs our clients with the final candidate pool 25% faster than the industry average.
Transparent – Engage with our progress with complete transparency through our client portal. We work together to assemble the shortlist and elevate talent selection though real-time communication, fueling informed and confident decisions.
Quantifiable – We believe in quantifying the performance of our service. Powered by data, our craft is second to none. The numbers speak for themselves, and we share the metrics behind every move we make.


Dedicated Partnership

A senior search consultant is assigned only to one search during the critical phases to ensure a successful outcome.


Motivated to Perform

For retained/executive searches we invoice on performance milestones, not timelines, providing flexibility and focusing on client satisfaction at every stage.

For contingent search exclusivity, we execute the same robust industry-leading tactics and guarantee the same results we achieve through a retained search. We look forward to earning your partnership for the long term.

Core Values

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Data-driven. Transparent. Effective.

Asymmetric Talent is trailblazing the headhunting industry with a new standard of excellence. By combining our expert craftsmanship with a powerful technology suite, our progressive sourcing efforts and sophisticated engagement tactics produce an unrivaled volume of qualified talent for every search project.

At the core of our success lies our data-driven strategy, which fosters authenticity and transparency in our consultative approach. By capturing and presenting valuable insights unique to each search, we equip our partners with the knowledge they need to make informed and confident decisions throughout the hiring process.

Our thorough sourcing efforts yield remarkable results providing 8-10X more qualified talent to engage with, far surpassing industry averages. Moreover, our innovative talent engagement approach leads to 5X the average response rates, ensuring a higher level of candidate interest. Additionally, our clients benefit from interviewing their targeted talent in 25% less time compared to the average search consultant, accelerating the hiring process.

We focus on:

  • Executive Search
  • Retained Search
  • Contingent Direct Hire Recruiting
  • Contract Fulfillment

On-Demand Sourcing

When full-service headhunting is not necessary, leverage our tailored sourcing services to ensure your team has access to and can effectively engage with the largest accessible and qualified talent pool for your open position.

Simply upload our data into your tooling and take immediate action.

Our sourcing efforts utilize industry-leading technology and our process entails:

  • Market Research
  • Usable Keyword & Boolean Data
  • Talent Sourcing
  • Contact Information Acquisition & Validation
  • Talent Pool Insights
  • Engagement Strategy




“Asymmetric Talent Solutions is extraordinary at recognizing top talent in the market. I have had the benefit of working with them as a placed candidate and utilizing their staffing services.

They are thorough, responsive, and empathetic to all expectations on both sides of the desk. The results always yielded quality professionals that met the qualifications of the position and fit our culture.”

VP of Technology
Financial Services

“Working with other recruiters felt like a chore. Asymmetric Talent Solutions has been a trusted partner for many years ensuring we have the staff we need to keep our business running and most importantly growing. They take the time to understand our culture, which is key to finding team members who are here for the long haul to support the mission. I’ve never regretted making them our exclusive recruiter and continue to value our relationship as pillar of our success. If you are looking for someone who takes the time to learn your business, understand it’s nuance, and finds the candidates that work, hire them!”

Chief Executive Officer
Digital Marketing & Software

“I have been working with Asymmetric Talent Solutions for over 7 years and highly recommend if you are looking for top level talent. They only present highly qualified individuals for the specific role you need to fill and actually listen and understand what you are trying to accomplish. Their leadership is personable and professional. I am very happy to call them friends and have as an ally in my professional network!”

Director of Software Engineering
Legal Software

“I have known and worked with Asymmetric Talent Solutions for years. They are the best in the recruiting industry. No matter what challenging position I have thrown at them, no matter how vague my initial requirements were, they took the time to work with me to build an ideal profile to build a talent pool from. They are one of the good guys in an industry rife with wastes of carbon. I am very anti-recruiter firms, yet they continue to prove me wrong time and again. If you need a partner, they are the one!”

Chief Executive Officer
Information Security

“Few firms have taken the time to understand our business in order to add value with every candidate presented. Asymmetric Talent Solutions does a fantastic job only presenting those who are not only qualified for the role, but would also fit our unique culture. Their ability to filter individuals from multiple angles has led to successful hiring at all levels. They view engagements as a partnership, which is felt in the work product.”

Insurance & Digital Marketing


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