Together we are better.

Asymmetric Talent Solutions is a talent acquisition optimization and candidate advocacy company.

Our mission is to deliver an optimal staffing experience and modernize hiring efforts. With nearly 15 years in agency staffing, we have developed expert craft and an ecosystem that produces results that hiring managers and candidates alike both expect and deserve.

We provide data-driven staffing, on-demand sourcing, and a variety of talent acquisition consulting services that are genuine and effective.

We have a deep passion for what we do and who we represent.

We are Asymmetric.

Principles of Service

Self Awareness
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Data-driven. Transparent. Effective.

ATS is doing what other staffing companies and recruiters are not. Pairing our expert craft with our robust technology suite, we build and engage the largest accessible talent pool that meets key requirements for every search and share the data behind our efforts. We educate and arm our clients with actionable insights, provide them higher candidate response rates, and coordinate more interviews with qualified talent.

  • Direct placement
  • Executive search
  • Candidate Sourcing

This is the staffing new world order. Go ahead, burn your vendor list.


Work with us to optimize your talent acquisition strategy and transform your departmental performance into a Center of Excellence. Service highlights include:

  • Talent acquisition performance audit
  • Fractional talent acquisition leadership
  • Training – sourcing and recruiting
  • HR Technology counseling
  • Hiring process optimization
  • Job description writing
  • Vendor performance audit
  • Staffing expense management

Resume Services

Increase job application response, improve interview performance, and win in the interview room! Your new resume will motivate your audience to ask deliberate questions that transform your interview into an engaging and dynamic-building experience.


  • Fully edited resume with commentary and example suggestions
  • Reference guide and an example template


This one-on-one coaching and consultative series will deliver value from initial review through the final document. We partner and provide a complete breakdown of the content and its purpose based on modern hiring psychology and sourcing tactics.

  • Initial comprehensive review of edited resume
  • Reference guide and an example template
  • Integrated virtual coaching
  • Up to 3 edits/live working sessions
  • Unlimited support

The Proof

Asymmetric Talent Solutions is extraordinary at recognizing top talent in the market. I have had the benefit of working with them as a placed candidate and utilizing their staffing services.

They are thorough, responsive, and empathetic to all expectations on both sides of the desk. The results always yielded quality professionals that met the qualifications of the position and fit our culture.

Director of IT

Working with other recruiters felt like a chore. Asymmetric Talent Solutions has been a trusted partner for many years ensuring we have the staff we need to keep our business running and most importantly growing. They take the time to understand our culture, which is key to finding team members who are here for the long haul to support the mission. I’ve never regretted making them our exclusive recruiter and continue to value our relationship as pillar of our success. If you are looking for someone who takes the time to learn your business, understand it’s nuance, and finds the candidates that work, hire them!

Chief Executive Officer

I have been working with Asymmetric Talent Solutions for over 7 years and highly recommend if you are looking for top level talent. They only present highly qualified individuals for the specific role you need to fill and actually listen and understand what you are trying to accomplish. Their leadership is personable and professional. I am very happy to call them friends and have as an ally in my professional network!

Director of Software Engineering

I have known and worked with Asymmetric Talent Solutions for years. They are one of the best in the recruiting industry. No matter what challenging position I have thrown at them, no matter how vague my requirements were, they took the time to work with me to build an ideal profile to build a talent pool from. They are one of the good guys in an industry rife with wastes of carbon. I am very anti-recruiter firms, yet they continue to prove me wrong time and again. If you need a partner, they are the one!

Chief Executive Officer

Few firms have taken the time to understand our business in order to add value with every candidate presented. Asymmetric Talent Solutions does a fantastic job only presenting those who are not only qualified for the role, but would also fit our unique culture. Their ability to filter individuals from multiple angles has lead to successful hiring at all levels. They view engagements as a partnership, which is felt in the work product.














Client Impact

Transform the way you acquire talent by gaining access to:

  • An incredible staffing experience
  • Professional representation
  • Candidate screening you can trust
  • Industry leading candidate response rates
  • Higher candidate engagement per search
  • Shortened recruiting cycles
  • Excellent interview-to-hire ratios
  • More offers accepted
  • Decreased attrition
  • Optimized brand image on the jobs market
  • Efficiency in recruiting capability, tools, and automation
  • Modernized sourcing tools and tactics
  • Unlocked access to talent
  • An improved candidate experience
  • Accountability in your hiring culture
  • Decreased staffing spend
  • Improved vendor relationships

Candidate Impact

We believe in candidate advocacy. Partnership side effects may include:

  • Superior compensation
  • Increased job application response
  • Improved interview performance
  • Effective job search tactics
  • An excellent placement experience
  • Career alignment
  • Ignited motivation
  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Optimal self-representation
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • An attention-grabbing resume
  • A never-ending advisory relationship

How can we serve you?

We look forward to exploring a valuable partnership.