Case Study: Economies of Scale in Recruitment- Mastering Multi-Hire, Multi-Skillset Challenges

April 15th, 2024


Economies of Scale in Recruitment: Mastering Multi-Hire, Multi-Skillset Challenges

A specialized fintech Salesforce ISV company faced significant hiring challenges and engaged Asymmetric Talent to execute a targeted multi-hire campaign. The objective was to fill critical roles, specifically two senior certified Salesforce project managers with implementation experience and one experienced certified Salesforce administrator, within the states of Florida, Georgia, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, and Colorado.

Client Challenges
The client’s prior hiring experience and success was hindered by multiple challenges before partnering with Asymmetric Talent:
  • Budget Constraints: Limited financial resources impacted the ability to attract top talent.
  • Slow Hiring Processes: Delays in making hiring decisions often resulted in losing top candidates, leading to suboptimal hires and subsequent turnover.
  • Lack of Internal Recruiting Team: Without dedicated recruitment expertise, the client struggled to manage and execute effective hiring strategies.
  • Financial Losses from Turnover: Early departures of new hires led to unrecovered recruitment costs, as these placements were not secured by a recruitment firm.


Requisition Challenges
The recruitment campaign was particularly challenging due to:
  • Niche Skill Set Requirements: The roles required highly specific skills and industry experience.
  • Low Unemployment Rates: The target candidate pool was extremely small due to low unemployment among experienced professionals.
  • Budgetary Limits: The client had a specific budget that needed careful adherence.
  • Lack of Medical Benefits: The absence of employer-provided medical benefits made the offer less attractive to a portion of the candidate pool.


Client Offerings and Value Proposition
Despite the hiring challenges, the client offered compelling reasons for candidates to join:
  • Making an Impact: The client’s mission in revolutionizing mission-based lending was emphasized to attract candidates looking to make a tangible community impact.
  • Opportunity: Highlighting a trajectory from a lifestyle business to a potential $20 million SaaS entity by 2032, promising significant career growth and investment in personnel development.
  • Work Culture: A 100% remote position, unlimited PTO, and a dynamic work environment were promoted to attract top talent.


Talent Acquisition Strategy and Execution
Asymmetric Talent implemented a rigorous, multi-channel sourcing strategy:
  • Project Managers: Out of 501 profiles sourced, 14.1% were engaged, resulting in 15% proceeding to initial interviews and eventually narrowing down to five candidates, with two hires.
  • Salesforce Administrator: A total of 1,264 profiles were identified, with a high engagement rate despite the large volume; the top 1% were interviewed, leading to one hire from two finalists.


Operational Efficiency
Asymmetric Talent significantly outperformed industry standards in operational efficiency:
  • Time to Shortlist: The process of forming a shortlist typically takes 4-5 weeks within the industry. Asymmetric Talent accomplished this in under three weeks, marking a 25% increase in speed.
  • Volume of Engagement: The firm engaged with five times more qualified talent compared to industry norms, substantially enhancing the probability of finding suitable candidates.
  • Client Time Investment: Clients invested approximately 4.3 to 5.7 hours per hire, which is markedly lower than the typical industry average, thanks to Asymmetric Talent’s streamlined processes and clear communication.


Outcome and Impact
The campaign concluded in under 4.5 weeks, a substantial improvement over the standard three-month period for similar retained searches. This rapid process enabled the client to integrate highly skilled individuals swiftly and efficiently into their operations. The strategic insights provided by Asymmetric Talent regarding salary trends helped in making competitive offers that were crucial in securing the desired candidates.


This case study exemplifies Asymmetric Talent’s ability to navigate complex hiring landscapes with precision and speed, delivering significant value to its clients by combining strategic talent sourcing with an effective engagement approach. The client not only filled critical positions swiftly but did so in a manner that built upon its strengths and addressed its previously unmet needs, setting a foundation for sustained organizational growth and in record time.



Michael Russo
President, Asymmetric Talent Solutions



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