A Modern Approach to Talent Sourcing and Engagement

November 9th, 2023

Asymmetric Talent’s Modern Approach to Sourcing and Engagement

Having spent 12 years in large corporate agency staffing environments, I felt a strong desire to deliver a superior service. Motivated to address the inefficiencies of outdated talent-sourcing and engagement methods, I embarked on a journey to create a modern and effective platform that redefines the entire hiring experience.

The inefficiencies in traditional/transactional staffing often arise due to a combination of outdated practices, insufficient focus on critical phases, and a lack of adaptability to evolving technologies. Let’s delve into the major inefficiencies mentioned:

The Major Inefficiencies

Talent Sourcing:

Lack of Focus: Traditional methods often fail to concentrate adequately on the sourcing phase, resulting in an inability to identify all qualified talent.

Difficulty in Distinguishing Talent: There’s a challenge in distinguishing accessible talent from the vast overall talent pool and a lack of effective strategies to reach them.

Candidate Engagement:

Neglecting Email Science: Failure to understand the nuances of email engagement, such as optimal timing and content, hinders effective communication.

Lack of Genuine Context: Engaging candidates without a genuine and tailored context can lead to disinterest and reduced response rates.

Insufficient Campaign Strategies: Absence of multi-stage, multi-angle campaigns limit the ability to maintain ongoing candidate interest and participation.

Client Consultation:

Inadequate Reporting: Traditional approaches often fall short in delivering unique and valuable data at scale and in real-time during client consultations, governing the enablement of educated and confident decisions.

In summary, these inefficiencies stem from a failure to adapt to modern tools and practices, neglect of critical phases in the staffing process, and a lack of data-driven, client-centric approaches. Addressing these issues requires a shift towards more dynamic and technology-driven solutions, along with a commitment to understanding and meeting the evolving needs of both clients and candidates.


Michael Russo
President, Asymmetric Talent Solutions

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